Your online educational magazine for children in preschool, kindergarten and elementary school. Every Month we have a new issue that contains read-along stories,interactive games,math puzzles and science experiments.

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SpringboardMagazine is created by a group of stay-at-home mothers.  All of us are highly educated, some of us have a background in teaching.  We gave up our careers once we had kids.  As our children grew, we enjoyed seeing them learning and acquiring new skills, while playing and having fun. Throughout their formative years, we had created games and activities for them to learn Math, Reading, Writing, Science , Art & Crafts.  We therefore decided to use our successful methods to create a magazine, SpringboardMagazine

Our web site has been reviewed by several elementary school teachers, who commended and appreciated the magazine for its supportive role of providing a child playtime while practicing fundamental educational skills.  Dr.Kanchan Bodas is a caring parent and editor of Springboard Magazine.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to create a unique, wholesome, online educational magazine for children. We include articles and assignments that a parent and child can enjoy working on together.  Children will be exposed to challenging, interactive problems, and creative activities which will boost their self confidence. Our magazine will capture their imagination and enhance their reading and vocabulary.  All of this is done while they have fun.  All the features in the magazine are easy to follow, even for preschoolers, with a clear and simple interface.  The magazine can be used as a quality play time for kids, or as home work, since we attempt to adhere to the ” National standards of curriculum.”

Our products: Springboard Magazine:

“Learning is fun” Can this be true? We believe it can!  It is challenging to maintain a child’s interest and desire to learn, with television, video games and other activities around.  Therefore, we decided to mix fun and education in a web based magazine, where children feel they are playing, but actually are picking up nuggets of knowledge. We attempt to teach math, science, reading, spelling, and analysis in a manner that is most appealing to children of ages 3-8.  Research shows that the human brain completes its development by the age of 12.  Elementary school years are very critical and have long lasting effects on how a child learns and develops.  Children usually learn better in a non-stressful environment, which can be created through story telling, solving puzzles, and other playful activities.

Other products: Using the same philosophy, we intend to offer other wonderful educational products, apart from the magazine, on our site.

With your valuable feedback we would like to make our service more useful, user friendly and of higher quality.

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