THE MAGIC OF COLORS
Our world is full of colors. Colors make the world beautiful. Can you imagine a world without colors? But what are colors? And why do different objects have different colors? How do we see different colors?

Here is the answer in brief:

Sunlight is actually made up of seven different colors. You can see these different colors in a rainbow. They are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. (You do not have to wait to see the rainbow. If a ray of light is passed through a prism it gets split into its seven different colors, and we can see them. It is called the Spectrum of light".

The color of an object that we see, is the color that it reflects from the light spectrum.

Red, Yellow and Blue are the three Primary colors.


They are called primary colors because they are the only colors that cannot be made from any other colors. All the other colors are made from them. Mixing two primary colors makes Secondary colors. Mixing secondary colors makes Tertiary colors. Thus with different combinations of different colors we can create several hues (shades) of color. 

Table of Secondary colors
Red       + Blue            = Purple
Red     + Yellow        = Orange
Yellow     + Blue            = Green

 Mixing red yellow and blue creates the color black. Mixing black and white creates gray.

Adding black or white to any color changes its appearance. Black darkens a color and white lightens a color.

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