You will surely love these decorations, and would want to make them again and again. Use your imagination and feel free to create your own wonderful designs
You Will Need:

 1)Plain paper to make a pattern, pencil and scissors.

 2)Heavy weight metallic paper. Gold or silver.


 4) Hole punches of various shapes

 5)Foamy shapes, beads or sequins, buttons to decorate with

 6)Gold metallic thread, silk chord or yarn or tassels .

What to do:    
1) First draw any shape you want, in any size you want on the plain paper. Here are a few suggestions.
2)Cut the shape out with scissors.
3)Transfer this pattern to the heavy weight metallic paper.
4) Use your hole punches to create a pattern on the fringe of your pattern. This gives the pattern a beautiful lacy look.
5)Decorate your pattern by gluing beads, sequins, buttons. You may want to lay out your beads sequins etc on the plain paper first to see how your design looks before gluing anything on the metallic paper.
6) Let the glue dry and the beads or sequins stick firmly on the paper.



You may put a golden/colored thread through your decoration and hang it on your Christmas tree as an ornament. Or you may connect 3 of these decorations together with a silk cord or yarn.  And hang it in your room. Adding tassels will enhance the beauty of these decorations.
  white paper         



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