The Peacock and The Crane            Ages 3-5
           The proud peacock learns a lesson.
  The King's Magical Gong            Ages 3-5
          How did the deer get away from the lion?
  The Lion and The Mouse            Ages 3-6
           Friends always help one another
  The Greedy Dog            Ages 3-6
          Be happy with what you have.
  The First Thanksgiving            Ages 5-8
          Learn how and when we had our first Thanksgiving
  New Year's Day            Ages 5-8
           How is New Year's Day celebrated around the world?
  Echo            Ages 6-8
          Jack and Helen learn the effects that their actions can have.
  Johnny Appleseed            Ages 6-8
          Read all about this wonderful legend.
  Monkey Business            Ages 6-8
          The famous story of  monkeys and their mischievous ways.
  No Pain No Gain            Ages 6-8
          It is important to work hard to enjoy the results
  Eureka!Eureka!            Ages 6-9
          The Story of Archimedes
Language Development
Play these games and build your language skills.
  Rhyming Words Ages 3-5
          Find the rhyming words in this poem.
  Compound Words Ages 3-6
          See how many new words you can create by combining two words
  Match The Letters Ages 4-6
          Match the correct letter to the picture.
  Vowels Ages 4-6
          Change the vowels to create different words
  Complete the Poem Ages 3-6
         Choose the correct picture to complete the poem.
  Action Words Ages 4-7
          Locate the verb and earn a gold coin!
  Word Maze Ages 6-8
         See whether you can find all the words in this maze.
  Describing Words Ages 6-8
          Match the pictures with the correct adjectives.
  Synonyms Ages 6-8
          What are synonyms? Click on the bubbles to find the correct ones.
  Learn Adjectives Ages 7-8
           Learn about the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.
  Build The Tower Ages 7-8
          A fun game to learn the meaning of popular phrases or sentences.
  Word Game Ages 6-8
         How many words can you make from these two words?
        This game challenges your vocabulary.
  Scrambled Sentences Ages 6-8
          Unscramble this sentence to create a meaningful sentence.
  Rhyming Word Challenge. Ages 7-8
          Select the word that rhymes. It could be tricky!
  Opposites Ages 4-7
           Help the monkey learn his opposites. A fun game that little kids will surely enjoy!
  Make Your Own Story Ages 6-8
         Look at the pictures and practice your story writing skills.
  Riddle Fun Ages 8-10
          Solve the riddles and test your word skills.
  Prefixes and Suffixes Ages 8-10
          Learn all about prefixes and suffixes - play the game to test yourself
  Learn about Trees Ages 7-10
          Learn all about various kinds of trees through this fun word game.

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