Action words are words that describe what is being done or describe things that are happening.
We call them
VERBS. For e.g.
I can see a Monkey swinging on a tree. There are two actions here. "see" and "swinging".
Can you find the action words in the following sentences ?
Click on the action words. Each word earns you a gold coin. How many coins can you earn?










This is a beautiful spring day. The sun is shining brightly. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Mary and her mother walk to the park. First they go to the children's area. Mary runs towards the slides. She loves to play on the slides. She slides on the curly slide for a long time. Then Mary decides to swing on the Monkey bars. Her mother helps her. Mary finds her friend
                       Jessica climbing the rope. She calls and waves to Jessica.
                      They both run to the sand box. They like to dig in the sand and
                      make sand castles. Mother reminds Mary that it is almost time to
                      go home. But Mary wants to see the ducks. Mother and Mary
                      walk to the duck pond. There are some ducks in the pond. There
                      are also some turtles sitting on a log. Mary and her mother have
                      had a fun day at the park.
Girl on Slide
Girl on Rope