LEARN YOUR ADJECTIVES
Adjectives are also called as describing words. They are used to describe things.

For example: 1)These green grapes are good.
                       2)Horses can run fast.
                       3)Pear trees can grow tall.
                       4)This flower shop has a
large variety of flowers. 
All the underlined words in the above sentences are describing something .

There are two forms of adjectives that are used to compare things. They are called :

1)Comparatives - Comparatives are used to compare two things.
For example: Horses are fast but trains are faster.
two things were compared. Fast is an adjective. Faster is its comparative form

Superlatives - Superlatives are used to compare more than two things.
)For example: Pear trees are
tall, but pine trees are taller and redwood trees are the tallest.
more than two things were compared. Tall is an adjective, taller is its comparative form
tallest is its superlative form.

All adjectives can be written in comparative and superlative forms. However there are
some basic rules to follow.
1) Comparative adjectives usually end in
er . Example:  Fast    Faster.
2) Superlative adjective usually ends in 
est. Example: Tall  - Taller Tallest.

3) If an adjective is ending with an e, just use r and st. Example: Wide Wider Widest.

4) If the adjective ends in a y change the y to I and then add er and est.

Example: Happy Happier- happiest.

5) If the adjective is a long word use more and most or less and least before the word instead of changing it to er and est.

Example: Beautiful More beautiful Most beautiful.

Expensive - Less expensive - Least expensive.

There are two important exceptions when the entire word changes.

1) Good Better Best.

2) Bad Worse Worst.

Try some adjectives