Once there lived a cap maker in a small village. He made beautiful caps for gentlemen, ladies, and children.
He made red caps, blue caps, green caps, and black caps. He made caps of all colors. He made tall caps, round caps, flat caps and clown caps. He decorated the caps with feathers and ribbons, buttons and silk flowers. His caps were very popular.
Sometimes he would put his caps in a bag and travel to other villages to sell them. In those days people often walked to places.

One day the cap seller was on his way to another village. He had all his wonderful caps neatly placed in his bag. He got tired and decided to rest under a tree.

He kept his bag on the ground. He ate his lunch and then decided to take a nap. After a while he woke up, all refreshed and ready to resume his journey. And what did he see!

His bag was empty. There were no caps in the bag. The cap seller was shocked. He looked around himself. There was no one in sight. He did not know what to do. He looked up, and what do you think he saw?

On the tree were lots of monkeys, and each monkey was wearing one of his caps!

“Hey!” he called out to the monkeys. “Give my caps back!”
The monkeys just made some noise. The cap seller got angry- he shook both his hands and shouted
“I want my caps back right now.” The monkeys also shook their hands and made more noise. Now the cap seller was even more upset and he stamped his foot. All the monkeys stamped their foot.

The cap seller was frustrated. He did not know what to do. He took his own cap and threw it on the ground and said “Oh no!"
And whoa! all the caps came flying down to the ground. The monkeys had done just what the cap seller did.

The cap seller was happy. He quickly collected his caps, placed them neatly in his bag and walked away.

1)The cap seller did not like his job       
2)The cap seller made all kinds of caps.  
3)The cap seller gave his caps to the monkeys.     
4)The cap seller asked the monkeys to
   give his caps back and they did.