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The Story of "Johnny Appleseed"
The story of “Johnny Appleseed” is a glorious saga in the history of United States.
He was a wanderer, explorer, and a free spirit.
He had a mission in his life.
“Making America fruitful”.
The real name of this American hero was “John Chapman”. He was born on
September 26th 1774 in Leominster Massachusetts. He grew up to be a skilled nurseryman
and set up Apple orchards.
In early 1800’s the fertile lands towards the west of the “Ohio River” were opened for  
settlement. Everyday John watched covered wagons, full of pioneer families rolling by to
the west. John was kind and gentle. He thought about the hard life these families were
going to face and wanted to help them. This is when he started on his mission,
which continued till the last day of his life.
He used his skills to fill people’s hearts
with hope and happiness.
He started exploring the new territory himself
This is the territory from which the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana
and Illinois were formed. His method of working was simple. He filled a bag with apple seeds
and roamed the wilderness. Whenever he found a spot for planting,
he planted the apple seeds
in neat rows and fenced the area.
When the settlers came by, he gave them the precious gifts of Mother Nature-
“apple seedlings” to plant near their new homes. The settlers gladly accepted the plants.
The young trees lifted their spirits and planted hopes for a new beginning and prosperity.
He worked alone for years. He obtained his seeds every fall. He washed them and
packed them in bags and planted them in spring.
Thus he created hundred’s of nurseries and planted millions of seeds.
Thus went on John Chapman’s mission. He happily endured the hardships of his life in
the wilderness. He roamed bare footed.
He carried just a cooking pot with him.
He did not eat meat. He would gather fruit and nuts from the forest, boil potatoes,
get milk from the settlers and fix a simple meal. They say that when he was not cooking
he would use the cooking pot as his hat.
Soon he became famous as the’ Apple seed man” or “Johnny Appleseed”.
Legends about him grew. They say that the birds perched on his shoulders.
Rabbits and deer ate from his hands. He even played with the bear cubs while the mother
bear was watching near by.
Johnny Appleseed befriended every one. The Indians considered him a friend too.
As the settlements grew,
Johnny Appleseed was always a welcome guest in any cabin. ,
Though he had never married he loved children. He was also a very religious man
and carried his bible with him. At night time, after meals, he would tell stories to the
children from his bible.
No one knows how many apple trees he planted.
He spent 50 years growing Apple trees and
traveling to spread them in his country.
People all across United States even in the valleys
of California would point to the orchards and say that these trees were obtained from
Johnny Appleseed.
Today United States is one of the largest apple producers in the world.
John Chapman died in March 1845, at the age of 70, in Indiana.
When the news of his death reached Washington D.C. even members of the Congress
paid him a tribute for his life long, selfless hard work.

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