Once there was a rich farmer. He had a big farm. He worked on his farm day and night. All his money had been earned by hard work. He lived in a nice house on the farm with his only son.

Now even though the farmer was a hard working man, his son was very lazy and ignorant. He did not help his father. He spent his time playing with his friends and sleeping. The son grew up, and the farmer became old.

The farmer was now worried about his son. He decided on a plan. One day he called his son and told him that he wanted to take a break from his work. He wished to take a long vacation, traveling the world for two years.

He handed over the responsibility of the farm to his son and asked him to work hard and keep the farm going. The son agreed.

After the father left, son went to the farm. But he had no clue about farm work. He was not used to working, so he got tired very quickly. In a few days he got fed up and soon started his old routine.
Just beside this farm lived another hard working farmer family. They had a very small farm. One day this neighbor approached the son and proposed a business plan.

The neighbor said that, he and his family would work in the lazy son’s farm. The son need not do any work at all. After the harvest each partner will get half the crop.

The son thought that he had nothing to loose, and everything to gain in this deal. He happily agreed to the business partnership.

The neighbor then asked the son if he wanted the top half or the bottom half of the crop. Ignorant that he was, the son chose the top half, thinking that the tops of plants are the useful parts. The neighbor agreed. The son patted himself for being so clever, and went to party with his friends.
The neighbor and his family could be seen working hard in the field, plowing, planting and watering the plants, while the son slept. When the crop was harvested the neighbor called the son to take his half share. There it was.

The top parts of potatoes, onions, carrots and beet plants. The neighbor had the lower portions. Son stared in disbelief. He knew he had been tricked. He told the neighbor angrily to plant the field one more time.

And this time he would take the bottom of the plants.

The neighbor agreed. When the next crop was harvested he called the son again to take his share. There it was. The bottom roots of Cabbages, broccoli, spinach and tomatoes.

The neighbor had the top parts. The son was steaming mad. He had been tricked again. He told the neighbor that next time he wanted both the top and bottom parts. The neighbor agreed.

When the crop was harvested once again he called the son to pick his share. And there it was. The top leaves and bottom roots of corn and sugarcanes. The middle portion of corn cobs and sugar canes belonged to the neighbor. He had been tricked one more time.
However by now the son had learnt his lesson. “No pain no gain.” He had seen the neighbor’s family working hard in the fields and earning the fruit of their labor. He had also seen how his laziness and ignorance had hurt him. He decided to stand on his feet, work hard and make his father proud. And that is exactly what he did.
Do you know all your vegetables?
Can you find out the different types of vegetables described in this story?
Can you name some more in each type?