There are seven continents on the surface of the Earth. The map below shows all of them.
World Map
The area around the North Pole is called the Arctic. It is covered by the Arctic Ocean. The ocean is frozen at the surface. The area around the South Pole is called ANTARCTICA. It means "opposite of the Arctic". Antarctica is covered by ice and snow all the time. Therefore we call it the frozen continent. Beneath this cover of ice there are huge mountains, valleys and plains. Even volcanoes. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest continent on the Earth.
It is a cold desert.

Ronald Amundsen from Norway and his team were the first people to reach the South Pole in the year 1911.

No humans live on Antarctica permanently. However several countries have established research stations on the continent. And their scientists work on these stations or bases. StationBase
Some tourists visit the continent occasionally. Antarctica is surrounded by the Antarctic ocean.
The land on Antarctica does not support much of life due to its harsh climate. The ocean
however supports a wide variety of plants and animals. Fish and squid are found in large numbers.
Seals ,Whales and birds like Penguins and Albatross are also found. Six different kinds of Penguins
live on Antarctica. Penguins mostly live in the ocean but come on land to mate and lay eggs.
Penguin colonies (Rookeries) can be found on Antarctica.
Test Yourself! Can you answer the following questions? Answers are in the sentences that you just read above.

1)Where is Antarctica located?

2)Who were the first people to reach Antarctica?

3)Who lives on Antarctica?

4)Which animals live near Antarctica ?

5)Would you like to explore Antarctica?