STATIC ELECTRICITY
We know about electricity that moves or flows through the wires and lights up our houses. But there is another type of electricity called "Static Electricity". This electricity does not move. Static electricity gets built up in an object and stays there for some time. Then it wears off slowly. Lightning in clouds happens due to static electricity. When something gets charged with static it will often get attracted to other objects. Try wearing a sweater that has just been removed from a dryer, your hair gets attracted to the the sweater and stands up. Try some of these tricks and have fun.
Take a balloon and rub it on a sweater. The balloon gets charged with static.




Hold it close to a wall and it will stick to it.
It will stay there until the charge seeps away.

      Ask your friends to wear sweaters. Rub a balloon on their back. The balloon will stick there. You can have fun carrying balloons on your backs.
2) Make small bits of paper. Take a plastic comb.

Run it on a sweater and hold it near the bits of paper.

The paper pieces jump up and stick to the comb.

The static electricity in the comb attracts the paper.

Try moving the comb over your head. You will see your hair rising up and sticking to the comb.