Plants are livings things. Like us they eat, drink, breathe and grow. We depend on plants to get our food. However plants make their own food using water, sunlight and air. In our bodies food and water are distributed to all parts of our bodies via blood, carried through special tubes called arteries and veins. Even in plants food and water is carried to all parts of its body through special tubes. We can clearly see these veins in the leaves of plants. The veins are arranged in different patterns in different leaves. We can see this pattern by doing "Leaf Rubbings". Here is how we can make Leaf Rubbings:
You Will Need:

 1) Different sizes and shapes of tree leaves.
      (Oaks, Maples, Cherry, Rose, Lily etc)

 2) A thin sheet of white paper.

 3) Color pencil or crayons.

What to do:    
1) Put the leaf upside down on a table.

Place the sheet of paper on the leaf. 

3)Hold the paper and leaf in place with one hand and rub a crayon or colored pencil (use a dark color) over the entire leaf.
table drawing arrow table
You will see a pattern of the leaf veins on the paper. This is your leaf rubbing! You may also cut the paper to the shape of the leaf.
Make leaf rubbings of several different types of leaves and compare them.
Leaf images maple leaf
white paper Crayons