The Circle of Life


All living things go through a circle of Life. Birth is the starting point of the circle and death
 is the completion or end. The events that happen between birth and death  are growing up
 and having babies. The circle of Life is also called the Life Cycle.
The life cycles of some plants and animals are very short (e.g. Bacteria) like a few hours.
While some plans can survive for hundred of years (e.g. Giant Redwood Trees)
Here is the life cycle of an apple tree.












The Life Cycle of some plants and animals involves a process of Metamorphosis
During this time the organism changes from one form to a completely different form.
Here are some examples:
Life Cycle of A Butterfly                                                                 Life Cycle of A Frog









Can you think of more examples? Try to find out the life cycle of your favorite plant or Animal.
Do Humans have Metamorphosis during their life cycle?

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