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We all live on planet Earth. Earth is full of living organisms .We can see living things all around us. There are plants, animals, birds, insects and tiny microscopic micro-organisms. Have you ever wondered if there is life on any other planet? People have tried to find the answer to this for ages. From the information gathered until now, we have concluded that it is possible that there is life on some distant planets in outer space.

However we do not know about it yet. In our solar system we are the only ones. Our solar system is the Sun and all the bodies that circle around it. That includes the nine planets, their moons, the asteroids and comets. Our Earth is one of those nine planets. The nine planets move around the Sun in definite pathís called orbits. Mercury is closest to the sun, then Venus. Next is Earth, Mars, Jupiter, then Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the farthest one is Pluto.

So why is life only on Earth? The answer is that, none of the other eight planets have conditions suitable for life. Living organisms need liquid water. The first living organisms on Earth were formed in water. Earth is the only planet at the correct distance from the Sun where water can remain in a liquid form.

Mercury and Venus are too hot. There is absolutely no water on those planets. Mars may have had liquid water in the past, but does not have it anymore. All of Marsís water is frozen in its two polar ice caps. Jupiter and Saturn are planets made entirely of gas. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are too far away from the sun and extremely cold for any life to survive.

Our Earth also has the right size and the right gravity to hold the atmospheric blanket around it. The atmosphere around the Earth contains all the necessary gases in the air and moisture needed by living organisms. This atmospheric blanket also helps to keep Sunís heat energy trapped. This heat is required to keep the Earthís temperature right, to maintain liquid water. Thus earth is the only planet with the right distance from the Sun, right temperature, right size, right gravity, liquid water and all the other components necessary for life. Earth is our only home, the only planet with life. We need to preserve it.


Use your imagination to draw a picture of our solar system, showing Earth as the only planet with life.