Penguins are birds that cannot fly. Penguins live in the Southern half of the world. There are no Penguins found in the Northern half except in aquariums or zoos. The northernmost area where penguins live are the Galapagos Islands near the equator.
Penguins live in colonies called "Rookeries".

Penguins have short and thick black and white feathers. Th


eir wings are small and stiff, which they use as flippers when they swim. The Blue Penguins found in Australia and New Zealand are the smallest of all (about 16 inches tall) The Emperor Penguins found in Antarctica are the biggest of all. (about 4 feet tall). Penguins spend most of their time in the coldwater. They feed on fish, squid and small krill. They waddle when they walk. They also hop on rocks and can be seen sliding on ice and diving into the water.

Penguins come on land to lay their eggs. Both mom and dad take turns in keeping the egg warm. They hold it on the top of their feet, tucked in the warm blanket of their feathers. When the egg hatches and the chick comes out, mom and dad take turns bringing in the food for the baby. They have to travel long distances for the food. So they carry the food in their bellies and spit it out for the chicks.


Like all babies, penguin chicks love to play. They are often seen chasing their parents. They also learn a lot from this play.


True or False


1)Penguins are found all over the world
2)Emperor Penguins are the smallest of all penguins
3)Only mom keeps the egg warm
4)Penguins live in colonies called "Rookeries"


5)Penguin chicks are often seen chasing their parents.








































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Found in:      
Africa Australia South America New Zealand